As the patience of some local wives is wearing thin, their husbands’ hair is growing longer as they anticipate the re-opening of Raul Garcia’s White House Barber Shop.

The shop, which has had almost 100 consecutive years of service under two owners, was one of several businesses on the east side of the Waxahachie Courthouse Square that suffered extensive damage as a result of the fire that broke out in 1879 Chisholm Grill in the early morning hours of Jan. 18.

Two of those loyal customers are employed by the Waxahachie Daily Light, including Jim Perry, who comments on the dilemma.

“I needed a haircut on the day of the fire,” said Perry, whose furrowed brow illustrates his impatience at not having had a haircut since. “I found the place on 306 Grand St. where Raul is moving and one afternoon I stopped by there and seeing a sign in the door, I got out of the car and walked up the steps to see if he was open. The sign read ‘wet paint.’ ”

Perry says his wife, Mary Ann, reminds him periodically he “really” needs a haircut.

“When she says that, it’s not really a statement, it’s more of a command,” he said with a sheepish chuckle.

But Perry’s standing firm, unwilling to compromise his loyalty to his long-time hairdresser.

“I’ve been going to Raul for at least a dozen years,” Perry said. “He’s personable, he gives great service and he’s quick. It doesn’t matter how many customers he has in the shop waiting for a haircut, you know you won’t be in there all that long.”

Brian Jones, circulation manager for the Daily Light, is also catching a little heat from home about his need for a haircut, but not necessarily from his wife, Bobbie.

“My kids think I look shaggy,” he said. “The last time I’ve had my hair this long was back in the early 1980s.”

Jones also cites the friendly atmosphere of the shop, saying it’s a comfortable place to go.

“I’ve worn a flat top for the past 20 years and of all the barbers in town, he is able to really make it look good,” Jones said. “And he’s so down to earth – and one time when my daughter was in the shop with me, he went ahead and gave her a trim and didn’t even charge me.” ‘

Waxahachie native Claud Childs is also awaiting Garcia’s return.

“I was going to go to Raul on the day after the fire,” Childs said. “I’ve been going to him for several years – he is a friend of the family and my wife went to Mimi when her shop was next door to Raul’s downtown.”

Kent McGuire had become accustomed to just stepping next door from his law offices on the east side of the square for his regular haircut from the veteran barber, who has been in business since 1967.

“I have been getting pretty shaggy awaiting his return,” McGuire said. “However, my wife has been telling me that I really didn’t have enough hair to worry about.”

According to a message on Garcia’s answering machine, the new shop is slated for reopening by mid-March at 306 Grand Ave. For further questions, call 972-937-9514.

Contact Paul at or 469-517-1450.