ENNIS – Local interior designer Harriett Adams hosted a reception recently for families whose homes won winner signs from the Lights of Ennis Committee.

Several families gathered at Adam’s West Ennis Avenue home for a meal and recognition for their participation in the annual event.

Residents were notified they were winners when a sign was placed in their yards by the Lights of Ennis Committee and everyone returned their signs when they came to the party, which was an informal buffet dinner.

“Last year few people knew one another, but they had a fun time talking about lighting,” she said. “They were aware of another’s lighting displays when they learned their addresses. It was a great party and everyone enjoyed one another’s good and bad tales of lighting for the holidays.”

Some participants begin as early as Halloween decorating their homes for the Lights of Ennis and one family, Patrick, Amanda and Ethan Mach on Nichols Street, even had lights set to blink to the beat of Christmas carols. They also dressed up in seasonal dress and handed out candy to passersby.

Long time Ennis resident Mary Santos has been a participant in the Christmas light show for more than three decades.

“Back in about 1973, when (President) Richard Nixon said, ‘Don’t turn on your Christmas lights this year,’ in order to save on energy, that’s when I decided that I would start,” she said with a laugh.

A chocolate cake topped with strawberries was served to the winners.

“We just wanted to say ‘thank you’ and to honor these families that decorated their homes with Christmas lights,” Adams said. “I know it’s a busy time of the year and it takes much time and effort to decorate homes – and it’s expensive, too. Participants’ light bills see a drastic increase during the Christmas season, but they love to do it for the pleasure it brings to others in the community.”

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