Midlothian Funeral Home director Randy Hampton said he traveled to Austin in-person Thursday to hand-carry the paperwork and pay any costs related to a lapsed business license.

The Texas Funeral Service Commission had issued a cease and desist order to Midlothian Funeral Home, located in Midlothian, Texas, on Jan. 29, citing an expired valid funeral establishment license. According to a public notice issued by the commission Feb. 1, the license expired Aug. 31, 2009.

“It is unlawful to operate such a business in Texas without a valid funeral establishment license issued by the Texas Funeral Service Commission,” according to the notice.

“This is the first time for this to happen,” Hampton said. “I don’t anticipate any problems in being reinstated. It was a paperwork oversight.”

According to Hampton, the license has been reinstated. The new license will expire Aug. 31, 2010, and will have to be renewed again. The licenses are issued on an annual basis.

Hampton said he anticipates no damage to business flow or company reputation from the oversight.