The Ennis Memorial Cemetery Association is trying to bridge the gap between history and the future with their upcoming fund-raiser.

The association is working toward maintaining and preserving the cemetery while collecting funds to fix and pave the road leading into and around the cemetery. The current condition of the road makes it difficult for funeral processions and families to visit graves of loved ones and deters people from coming to the cemetery, which members of the cemetery association believes is part of the reason the cemetery has fallen into a state of disrepair.

“The road is so bad that at times driving a car through the the bottom will scrape on the ruts caused by the weather or someone else that has got stuck while paying their respects to their loved ones. This causes people to think twice about coming out there and for others that have a hard time getting around, it is a real concern,” said Shirley Watson, association member.

The section of the cemetery directly behind the old football stadium has also been the victim of vandalism over the years and has added to the problem. The association held a fund raiser earlier in the year and used funds collected to purchase new gates for the cemetery to deter people from driving recreational vehicles through the property but funds have quickly dwindled due to the cost of maintaining and mowing the area.

“The area is fairly large so the cost to mow the property is also fairly large, which quickly eats away at any money collected for upkeep on the property. We are asking for volunteers in the community that might be able to provide the service at a less expensive rate or that could volunteer some time to help us to contact us,” Watson said.

The Hair Affair, located at 1010 N.E. Main Street will host the event, which features chopped BBQ sandwiches and sausage on a stick for $3 and a chopped sandwich combo with a drink and chips for $3.50. The event will run from 10 a.m. - 3 p.m. and all funds raised will go toward the upkeep of the cemetery and moving toward the goal of paving the road that winds through the property.

The group also plans to see if grants are available to them, but must have the land surveyed before they can apply. Efforts have been started toward that goal, but have met some road-blocks and the association is also asking for anyone with surveying experience who would like to volunteer to contact them and help get the efforts back on track.

Contact S. A. Anderson at (972) 878-5909.