A residence on East Main Street suffered extensive damage as a result of a fire early this morning.

Firefighters were called out at about 7:15 a.m. to the rental home, located in the 500 block of Martin Luther King Boulevard.

As the crews worked to extinguish the fire, resident Gwendolyn Jiles stood nearby, wrapped in a blanket against the cold front that moved in earlier today.

“I lit a candle and went into the bathroom,” said Jiles, who was being comforted by friends. “When I came out it was on fire.”

Jiles, who was the only one at home at the time of the fire, said the flames were too extensive to put out by herself, so she called 9-1-1 and evacuated the residence.

Firefighters arrived to find “rolling fire” coming out of the front and back of the one-story house.

“There’s extensive damage,” Fire Chief David Hudgins said. “You can see how the fire was rolling out the front door and the back windows.”

Because of a divider that had been erected sometime in the structure’s history, firefighters were forced to break into the attic at both the front and back of the house in order to fight the flames that had gone into that space, Hudgins said.

A call for mutual aid was issued, with firefighters from the Waxahachie Rural Volunteer and Red Oak fire departments manning both of the city’s fire stations.

The American Red Cross was called out to assist Jiles, who was displaced by the fire.

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