Tori Bingham is a senior who was injured in a serious car accident four days prior to the first day of practice. She has been a miracle child in her recovery and has passed most obstacles that have been in her way. She was released from the hospital on Tuesday morning and was able to come to the game Tuesday night. She will continue to go to rehab daily and still has work to do for full recovery. Waxahachie coaches said they are very proud of her and have missed her being an active part of the team.

Stat leaders

Kills                Service Points

Kate Praslicka - 208        Cara Partington - 121

Courtney Miller - 107        Lacie Tucker - 117

Carly Hess - 71            Kristen Foster - 109

Kelsey Vincent - 56        Kate Praslicka - 93

Blocks                Digs

Kelsey Vincent - 29        Lacie Tucker - 255

Kristen Foster - 21        Kate Praslicka - 155

Kate Praslicka - 20        Kristen Foster - 120

Assists                Serve receive

Kate Praslicka - 206        Lacie Tucker - 337

Cara Partington - 201        Kristen Foster - 130