Sometimes you can win without even playing.

That’s exactly what Indians head football coach David Ream hopes happens this week as Waxahachie has an open week for the only time this season.

“This gives us a chance to go back to basics,” Ream said. “Those first two games showed us a lot of our flaws. So we’re going to get those things fixed.”

The head coach reassured that the Indians (1-1) aren’t taking the week off and are still working out twice a day physically and working just as hard mentally.

“A lot of stuff is technique and mechanical and we want to go back and go over some terminology,” Ream said. “We want to make sure what we say is what they understand. Sometimes you tell them something and expect them to know exactly what you’re saying. If you haven’t been in football for a while, it’s a foreign language. Sometimes we expect them to know stuff that we need to go back and touch on.”

The goal is to make sure all the players and coaches get on the same page before district starts next week at Terrell.

“That’s one of the things we’ve gone back to this week, just some communication and procedures,” Ream said. “We are making sure that when we break the huddle, 11 guys know what’s going on and not just 10. This is a really good opportunity to do that.”

Another big advantage of the week off from games is the opportunity to get players healthy.

“We’ve got some guys that would play on Friday, but we want to get them to 100 percent,” Ream said. “Robert Lowe still has the foot injury from the Marcus game, Devin Walker still has toe problems, so we need to get those guys well so next week we’ll be at 100 percent.”

Ream reiterated that all starters will be healthy for the first district game.

This “week off” also gives the team a chance to reflect on the positives that came with their 48-7 victory over Dallas Carter in week one.

“I think we executed well early and that put them in a whole,” Ream said. “We came out in the second half and played decent and we didn’t get down and play at their level. I thought we played at a high level all 48 minutes.”

Getting the fast start was something the Indians needed after their rough showing in a week zero loss against Marcus. Waxahachie scored after just two offensive plays and suddenly had their first lead of the season.

“One of the things we brought out of it was that we wanted to attack them early and we did that. We hadn’t had the lead all year long so we wanted to get a lead,” Ream said. “We tackled better and except for the one long touchdown pass they threw, we kept them in front of us. Anytime somebody’s got some speed and they get behind us, we’re not going to catch them.”

That speed was a big concern for the coach going into the Carter game, but the focus during the week on beefing up the line for a week really paid off.

“They didn’t do a really good job of blocking us. When you get a step behind those guys, you’re not going to catch them. We did a good job of keeping them in front of us,” Ream said. “The game speed wasn’t very different between games because the boys at Marcus are pretty quick. It’s just that we didn’t let them get a breakaway.”

All in all, Ream thinks this week will pay off in the long run.

“It will give us a step up,” Ream said. “It’s an opportunity for us to focus on us more than on them.”