If Will Ferrell, had to give his opinion on the Waxahachie Indians right now, he would reprise his role in Zoolander and say they’re “so hot right now.”

On both sides of the ball, this Indians team is proving that last year is behind them.

While the offense is lighting up the scoreboard, the defense has been the real story so far this year.

Through three 4A games, all wins by at least 38 points, the Indian defense has allowed a stingy 24 points. That’s an average of eight points per game.

If the offense keeps averaging 50.3 points per game, there should be no problems this year for Waxahachie.

To put this year’s defense in prospective, last season the unit allowed 291 points against 15-4A teams, that’s 36.4 points per game.

If you just want to look at the games against Dallas Carter, Terrell and Red Oak, the squad allowed 69 points, or 23 points per game.

So that means two things. One, the toughest part of the schedule is still to come with Corsicana and Mesquite Poteet upcoming. Two, this defense has its head on straight and is focused on improving.

Head coach David Ream saw the squad play its best in key moments during the 55-9 victory over Red Oak last week.

“We had a couple turnovers that helped us and those two big goal line stands that could have been situations that got momentum going their way, but we got the stops and right before the half we were able to go score again,” Ream said. “I think those two stands may not have been the turning point, but it kept momentum in our favor.”

The Indians (3-1, 2-0 in 15-4A) weren’t getting those stops last season.

“It’s two different teams. Last year we played a bunch of sophomores and juniors,” Ream said. “This year is the opposite as we have an older group that is more mature.”

That maturity is something the coaches are stressing in practice every day. And the players are responding.

“I really think they are maturing as we go. They are playing with more confidence. It’s one of those things where you start playing you win and think that maybe we might be ok, then you start playing better the next week and better the next week,” Ream said. “The things we are doing in practice and then we put it on the field makes us a better team. Once they figure out that that’s what’s doing it then practices get better and performance gets better.”

Another problem the defense had last year was not being able to finish games. The defense allowed 131 second half points in the eight district games last season.

“We scored early, got some confidence early and the last three ball games we’ve put them away early,” Ream said. “A year ago we would get ahead and we wouldn’t put them away.”

A lot of the success this defense is having might be attributed to a secret the head coach is keeping from his players.

“We haven’t told them we’re pretty good yet,” Ream said. “What we’re trying to do is tell them that this is the big game this week. If we win we will be 3-0 going into homecoming and that’s where we want to be.”

Guess the cat’s out of the bag now. And the rest of the teams in district know now that this defense and this team is for real.