Billy Wessels

sports editor

You can ask any kindergartener what their favorite thing is and they will all tell you new toys are the best.

Waxahachie got to play with its new toy for the first time Friday night.

That new toy is of course the new-look Lumpkins Stadium.

And by Waxahachie, I mean more than just the football players. The fans, coaches, charmers, cheerleaders and the band all got the chance to show pride in the city they love by filling the stadium to its 10,000 seat capacity.

And itís not just the city that got to see this glorious facility. The hundreds of cars that drove through town on highway 287 Friday night got to see the lights and probably thought to themselves, ďthis town with a name thatís hard to pronounce must have a lot of pride.Ē

And we do.

If you didnít know, I graduated from Waxahachie High School in 2004. My class was the last class to graduate in Lumpkins Stadium.

I may not have played on that field, but I would not be the person I am today without that stadium, that school or this town.

This town looks a lot different than it did seven years ago, yikes my 10-year reunion is coming up, but with every little change I notice, I know this town is better for it.

The town is definitely better with this new stadium.

I have heard so many great things from fans, coaches, city officials and anybody who hasnít lived under a rock for the past year and has been through town.

And obviously the players love it. They showed their appreciation for the city and school by routing Red Oak 55-9 in its christening.

This is merely the dawn of a new era in Waxahachie. And I know this great community is better for it.