The Waxahachie Indians won twice Saturday as they defeated Groesbeck and Alvarado.

First, the Indians dominated the Groesbeck Goats 14-8. Then followed that up with an even more convincing 15-5 win against the Alvarado Indians.

Scores versus Groesbeck

Boys Doubles

Justin Miller/Carl Rodriguez lost to Brewer/Holligan        5-7, 5-7

Gerardo Garcia/Jonathan Cooper lost to McWhorter/Chombo    2-6, 6-3, 5-10

Chet Farmer/Elliot Frey lost to Medina/Neasen            6-7, 6-2, 5-10

Girls Doubles

Savannah Summers/Kendall Burks def. Harlan/Parker        6-2, 4-6, 10-5

RoSandra Acosta/Brittany O’Carroll def. Jones/Nish        6-1, 6-2

Hailey Phillips/Carolynn Van Zandt def. Laviolet/James        6-0, 6-3        

Mixed Doubles

Elijah Coulson/Alison Wilson lost to Zuniga/Castillo        6-4, 1-6, 6-10

Boys Singles

Justin Miller lost to McWhorter                    8-3

Gerardo Garcia def. Brewer                    5-2 (injury)

Jonathan Cooper def. Holligan                    8-1

Carl Rodriguez def. Chombo                    8-6

Elliot Frey lost to Medina                    4-8

Chet Farmer lost to Thomas                    5-8

Elijah Coulson def. Neason                    8-5

Ryon Couch def. Perez                        9-7

Girls Singles

Savannah Summers def. Harlan                    8-3

Kendall Burks lost to Parker                    4-8

Brittany O’Carroll def. Heiner                    8-3

RoSandra Acosta def. Jones                    8-0

Alison Wilson vs. Nish                        8-5

Hailey Phillips def. Laviolet                    8-1

Carolynn Van Zandt def. James                    8-1

Scores versus Alvarado

Boys Doubles

Justin Miller/Gerardo Garcia def. Peralez/Zevecke         6-2, 6-1

Elliot Frey/Jonathan Cooper def. Deatherage/Alvarez         6-1, 5-7, 10-7

Elijah Coulson/Ryon Couch lost to Norman/Williams        4-6, 1-6

Girls Doubles

Savannah Summers/Kendall Burks def. Estes/Jackson        6-0, 6-2

RoSandra Acosta/Brittany O’Carroll def. Lesley/Sherrill        6-2, 7-5

Alison Wilson/Carolynn Van Zandt def. Butteris/Eicke        6-1, 6-2       

Mixed Doubles

Chet Farmer/Hailey Phillips lost to Linton/Urban            4-6, 2-6

Boys Singles

Justin Miller def. Peralez                    8-7 (3)

Gerardo Garcia lost to Deatherage                7-9

Jonathan Cooper def. Alvarez                    8-0

Elliot Frey def. Linton                        8-6

Chet Farmer def. Zevecke                    8-3

Elijah Coulson lost to Norman                    4-2 (ret.)

Ryon Couch def. Williams                    8-5

Girls Singles

Savannah Summers lost to Estes                4-8

Kendall Burks lost to Jackson                    8-5

Brittany O’Carroll def. Eicke                    8-6

RoSandra Acosta def. Flores                    8-5

Alison Wilson def. Lesley                    8-6

Hailey Phillips def. Sawyer                    8-7 (1)

Carolynn Van Zandt def. Butteris                8-5