Team Trinity continues to dominate the sports of mixed martial arts and is preparing for more.

A part of Bruno Bastos’ team at the Houston Open Jiu-Jitsu Championship several members of Team Trinity did well including young phenom Levi Mowles.

Bastos’ earned his first team trophy at an IBJJF event ever since the black belt moved definitively to the USA and he told how special it was.

“Last weekend was an emotional one for me,” Bastos said. “Sure I’d won a few titles in local events as a trainer here before, but it is only complete when it’s an IBJJF team trophy.”

While Bastos’ team is made up of people from across the nation, locally Team Trinity produced several standouts.

Jeff Harrison, a 16-year old student, stepped up to the IBJJF level for the first time and earned gold. His father is a Team Trinity affiliate from New Castle, Okla. and drives the three-hour trek to Trinity Combat Academy in Waxahachie every weekend to train with coach Brandon Quick.

Dalton Billings and Michael Williams of Ennis, both having just earned their adult blue belts, took their games to the mats in Houston and earned bronze.

Edwin Lipsey, pastor of Foundation of Life Church, and Ryan Wise of Red Oak earned bronze while Quick earned bronze in the brown belt division but was stopped in the semi finals by a three-time all-American wrestler from Michigan State.

“I am very proud of my guys,” Quick said. “On Feb. 26 I will fly to the IBJJF’s Chicago Winter tournament and then a crew of us will represent Nova Uniao at the Pan American tournament in Irvine, Calif. The momentum won’t stop there either. The IBJJF comes to Dallas in May and head Nova Uniao coach Bruno Bastos and his affiliates intend on taking home the team overall trophy. My guys are constantly training, constantly getting better. It consumes your life in a very positive form.”

On Jan. 22 Team Trinity won its second team overall champions trophy in Duncanville at the Bob Knight Field House in the first tournament of the year.

With an even more packed schedule this year for Quick and Team Trinity the team is ready for anything.

“Losing a baseball game or a soccer game is totally different than winning or losing a BJJ fight. The growth from the inner struggle in a match is unrivaled by any other sport. Mano y mano, one man or woman verse another,” Quick said. “No reason for losing except you were not as good as the person who stands in front of you. That is why we love this sport so much. I thank God for our victories and the work ethic of my students.”

Results of the Houston

Open for Nova Uniao

White Adult :?Medium – Armando Servin, 2nd place?Medium Heavy – Cooper Cardinale, 3rd?Medium Heavy – Anthony Cassillas, 3rd

White Adult Female:?Light Feather – Ashley Wade, 1st?Feather – Sarah Boyd, 1st

White Master :?Super Heavy – Justin Opitz, 1st?Ultra Heavy – Claude Long, 1st

White Senior 1:?Light – Musa Johnson, 2nd

Blue Juvenile :?Light Feather – Jeff Harrison, 1st?Feather – Levi Mowles, 1st?Middle – Dalton Millings, 3rd

Blue Adult:?Light – Rolando Loya, 3rd?Middle – Dustin Snow, 3rd?Medium Heavy – Joe Gonzales, 3rd?Heavy – Chris Hooper, 3rd?Super Heavy – Ryne Sandhagen, 1st?Absolute – Ryne Sandhagen, 3rd

Blue Female:?Feather – Danielle Alvarez, 1st?Heavy – Yasmin Soto, 1st?Absolute – Danielle Alvarez, 3rd

Blue Masters:?Middle – Ryan Wise, 3rd?Ultra Heavy – Chad Patton, 1st?Ultra Heavy – Charlie Smith, 3rd?Absolute – Loronz Marion, 1st?Absolute – Charlie Smith, 2nd

Blue Senior 1:?Light – Edwin Lipsey, 3rd?Medium Heavy – Shon Foreman, 2nd

Blue Senior 2:?Ultra Heavy – Clarence Simmons, 2nd

Purple Master:?Light – Daniel Vega, 1st?Middle – Matthew Smith, 3rd

Purple Senior 1:?Heavy – Johnny Cross, 1st

Brown Adult:?Feather – Juan Tatum, 2nd?Heavy – Brandon Quick, 3rd

Black Adult:?Ultra Heavy – Daniel Almeida, 1st?Ultra Heavy – Bruno Bastos Cruz, 2nd?Absolute – Daniel Almeida, 3rd

Black Master:?Super Heavy – Jory Malone, 1st?Absolute – Daniel Alvarez, 2nd

Black Senior 1:?Medium Heavy – Dondi Morgan, 1st