Four young women are the newest black belts at the Patton School of Korean Karate in Waxahachie. Sarah Felty of Waxahachie and Allena Perry, Emma Perry and Gillian Perry of Milford all attained the rank of first-degree black belt on Aug. 20.

The girls had spent years training with the late Paul Patton, who died last month while vacationing in Colorado. Patton, who was a fifth-degree black belt, had taught tae kwon do at the Waxahachie YMCA for 15 years and the martial arts school has been renamed in his honor.

Dr. Kelly Felty, a second-degree black belt who also studied with Patton, has taken over instruction at the YMCA. Classes are open to both adults and children ages 7 and up, at beginning and more advanced levels.  

Sarah, 18, is now a freshman at Austin College and is the daughter of Drs. Kelly and Mary Beth Felty. Emma, 19, is a senior at Baylor University, Allena, 16, and Gillian, 15, are homeschooled; they are the daughters of Paul and Rebecca Perry.

Paul Perry holds black belts in tae kwon do and hapkido and sometimes assists in the YMCA classes.