MIDLOTHIAN – Emma Sears has watched the news of recent weeks with an extra level of interest. When you’re moving away from home, you always want to make sure the place you're going is a good choice.

Sears is bound for Huntsville, Ala., to attend Faulkner University and play collegiate golf and yes, she's done her research.

“This (area) has a little protective bubble over it so the tornados just kind of go around,” Sears says with a smile when talking about the recent events in the state.

Tornados and damage won't deter Sears from attending the school. It’s that same attitude she had on the golf course during her career in Midlothian that made her such a formidable opponent.

Over the last four years, Sears was a key cog in the Lady Panthers' success. She helped the team earn a district championship while advancing to the regionals each of the last four years. This spring, Sears was part of the team’s inaugural 5A squad, which placed second in district and earned a trip to Lubbock for the 5A Region I regional tournament.

Success has always been Sears’ calling card. And sending golfers to the next level is Midlothian's.

“She’s been great. There's no doubt that her and Taylor (Chalmers) were going to play college golf. That's two girls and one boy (Cody Taylor) so three out of my five (seniors) have signed this year,” golf coach Brant Bennett said. “It’s kind of an expectation. She's my fourth girl to be playing currently. Emma’s just got that work ethic that’s contagious to the younger girls and she’s just gotten better and better every year.”

Continuing the program’s tradition of excellence in high school and beyond was a goal Sears set for herself years ago. During her signing last week, the senior couldn't help but smile as all those years of hard work came to a culmination.

“I’m really excited to keep up the scholarships and I look forward to all the amazing golf courses I’m going to get to play on and place I'm going to get to travel. It feels really good,” Sears said.

Those destinations will be fairly exotic for Sears as the Faulkner program traveled to Florida, Georgia, Arizona and South Carolina for spring tournaments.

The Faulkner roster will feature two seniors, two juniors and two sophomores with Sears and Alabama native Georgia Shelton being two members of the program's signing class.

Bennett has expectations for her in college and rightfully so. She is just hoping to live up them.

“Coach Bennett said he thinks I'll be able to contribute right away to the team and I think he's right. I think I'll do just that,” Sears said.

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