Why cover sports?

ďWell basically I donít have the talent to play any sport professionally, I love to write and I still have a passion for sports. Also you canít complain about getting paid to watch sports.Ē

Future journalism goals?

ďI donít really know yet. Iíve had several career goals kick around in my head over the last couple years. But I would love to be the Texas Rangers beat writer.Ē

Favorite sports teams?

ďWhile Iíve spent most of my life in Waxahachie, I was born in Louisiana and thatís where my family is from so I love my New Orleans Saints. I also love the Rangers, Mavs and Stars. And of course my TCU Horned Frogs.Ē

What are you most excited about in joining the Daily Light?

ďIím excited about coming back to my hometown and telling stories for all of these talented athletes.Ē

This and that:

ďIíve played every sport in someway or another my whole life. Iíve played softball with my friends from WHS for years now (Go, Dirtbags!). I played lacrosse for two seasons at TCU. I played little league my whole youth and coached for three seasons (Go, Padres!). Iíve played countless numbers of pickup football and basketball games. Iíve even gotten good at racquetball lately. But outside of sports, I love comedy. Will Ferrell is my favorite actor and I want to perform stand-up comedy in the near future.

What position in all of sports do you think is the toughest?

ďWhen I played lacrosse, I mostly played defense. But I tried goalie one time. Getting hit by a lacrosse ball at 75 mph isnít fun. And you donít have nearly as much padding as a hockey goalie. I think I allowed eight goals and made about seven saves, not many with my stick. So I think thatís really under appreciated.Ē

Billy Wessels covers Waxahachie High School for Waxahachie Newspapers Inc. He can be reached at 469-517-1454 or