Kevin Durant and Greg Oden know that they will be playing in the Pacific Northwest next year.

Just where will be answered Thursday by the first two picks of NBA draft.

Durant, a 6-10 small forward, from the University of Texas is versatile and athletic and will be the first round pick of either Portland or Seattle.

Oden, a 7-0 post, from Ohio State will go to the other team.

Portland has first dibs. Will they go for the dominant center in Oden, who is reported to be the best big man to come into the league since Tim Duncan, or will the Trailblazers go for the highscoring Durant?

And how about the Mavericks? What will North Texas’ favorite team do?

The Mavs have a long wait before sending their pick to the podium. Dallas does not have a first round choice and must wait until the 34th selection before sending a name to the dais.

Dallas has two additional second round picks at Nos. 50 and 60.

San Antonio has the 28th pick of the first round. The NBA champs will select twice in the second round as well at Nos. 33 and 58.

Houston will choose in the 26th slot of the first round and do not have a second round selection. Four other teams besides the Mavs do not have first round picks: Toronto, Cleveland, Denver and Indiana.