These guys and girls are good, and not just on the field of competition.

With the 2010-11 athletic season coming to close, the Midlothian ISD athletic office tallied the final total honors from the academic all-state teams in the different sports across the school.

For the school year, a record 24 senior student-athletes were honored by an academic all-state for their work in the classroom as well as the field.

“All student-athletes participating in Midlothian ISD athletics make a commitment to the team, their teammates and their school,” athletic director Steve Keasler said. “Each of our programs demands the dedication of time and energy of the student-athlete and part of this commitment is to be a student first and strive for academic excellence.”

In order to qualify for the academic all-state honor, students must have an overall grade point average of 92 or above from the time they enroll in high school and through the first six weeks of their senior year. They must also be in good standing with the team and be seniors. Nominations for the all-state honors are made by each sport’s coach.

The Panther football program led the way with eight athletes selected while the baseball team was second with seven. The boys soccer team had five make the list while girls soccer had four and boys basketball added three. Kyler Brown (baseball and football), Blaine Blackburn baseball and basketball) and Zach Carlberg (football and soccer) earned academic all-state in two sports.

The athletes making academic all-state are pictured in the photo.  They are, front row from right, Jenna Edmister (soccer), Liz Williams (soccer), Ashley Seeton (soccer), Brie Munoz (soccer); middle from right, Justin Lamar (football), Chase Huff (football), Blaine Blackburn (basketball and baseball), Kyler Brown (football and baseball), Gage Windsor (football), Cody Cain (baseball), Phillip Berthelson (basketball), Dillon Wilson (football); back row from right, Jackson Sandefer (basketball), Todd Valderas (football), Justin Shealy (baseball), Connor Roberts (baseball), Bradley Younts (baseball), Zach Carlberg (football and soccer), Zach Burson (soccer), and Ben Larson (football). Not pictured are Scott Hayden (soccer), Kyle Markwardt (soccer), Kyle Rinehart (baseball) and John Schoonover (soccer).

Photo by Kathryne Buckley/MISD Athletics