Tyson returns to Venus to replace Stone as athletic director for Venus


Coby Tyson grew up in a small town in Central Texas and has longed for the small-town atmosphere since beginning his coaching career.

For seven years he was an athletic director and head football coach at 1A and 2A schools before taking a job as a position coach last year at 5A Georgetown.

Tyson has now returned to his roots - in Venus.

"I missed the role of athletic director and head football coach, and I missed being at a smaller district," he said. "Venus is a nice location and I feel comfortable here, I've been in this type of program before at different places around the state."

Tyson takes over a program that has struggled since reaching the playoffs in 2004, not winning a single game since that season.

The new football coach admits several things will be different, but that he has a lot of respect for the previous staff.

"Obviously some things will be different, but some will be the same," Tyson said. "Just because it's different or new does not mean one way is better than another. I have a lot of respect for coach (Carlous) Stone and what he's done.

"People do things differently, but I just want the kids to understand that we are going to do the best we can to make them succeed."

For the new staff, most of which has yet to be filled, the first step of rebuilding the program is giving everyone - players, administration and community - a clean slate. He was encouraged when, as he had questionnaires turned back in, he found that there were 104 high school students signed up for football.

"We aren't going to talk about or think about the past," he said. "Next year is a new year with new expectations and we want to focus on the future."

As athletic director, Tyson's job goes deeper than just football. His goal is to eventually make every program at Venus High School a winning one.

A winning program begins with the right coaches and Tyson must fill 10 coaching vacancies this summer. There were only three coaches - all coaching girls sports - that will return to Venus in the fall.

"We have a lot of openings and I've got to do my best to fill those with quality coaches," he said. "I'm not going to get much done until I do that. It doesn't matter if we have new shorts and shirts if there aren't any coaches here to coach."

In the 2006-2007 school year Venus did not earn a playoff berth in any sport. To remedy the atmosphere Tyson believes just one winning team can affect everyone else.

"We want to develop a winning program so I'm not going to drop everything just for football," he said, "but if you can win in football it affects everything else - there's more excitement in the hallways and in the community. Success breeds success and we just need it to start somewhere."