When Matt Webb stepped down as head coach of Waxahachie’s baseball team, there was speculation that the position would draw a lot of attention.

The speculation was correct and now, nearly a month after Webb’s resignation, boys coordinator David Ream is zeroing in on the best candidate.

“Right now we’re still in the interview process,” he said. “We’ve brought in nine people and if all goes well we would like to have someone to recommend to the school board Monday.”

Each of the nine have different qualities that set them apart. Ream said no one has been excluded for being around too long or not long enough.

“We’re looking at every type of coach,” he said. “There are a lot of successful coaches that have been at it for a while and there are some that would be new to being a head coach.

“We’re just looking for who will be the best fit for Waxahachie.”

Ream is hoping the interview process comes to a conclusion soon, but a couple of coaches have yet to come in because their teams are playing at the state tournament this week.

“When we’re done with the interviews will sit down and recommend the person we feel is the best fit,” Ream said. “We want someone who can be successful here and continue what Matt started.”

The Indians went 21-10 this season and lost in the first round of the state playoffs to eventual regional quarterfinalist Brownwood.

Waxahachie has been to the playoffs the last two years and have gone 18-4 in district action the last two seasons.

Webb left the Indians to pursue his dream of becoming an athletic director, taking a football coaching job at Keller.