Waxahachie resident J.B. Hurd is on a roll so there’s no stopping now.

After getting a four round unanimous decision in his return to the boxing ring earlier this month, Hurd is going to fight again in February — at the American Airlines Center, in Dallas.

It follows a successful return after nearly 10 years of non-fighting. Although he was physically out of the ring, he continued to head Eagle Boxing Gym, in Waxahachie, where his son, Isaiah Hurd, 10, has taken up the sport.

The younger Hurd, who fights in the 75-lb. class, is ranked No. 4 in the world, according to Ringside World Championship, which annually puts on boxing bouts for amateurs to determine ranking. Isaiah’s bout came in Kansas City, Mo. earlier in the year.

He is joined by Alyc Diaz, age 10, who is also ranked at No. 6.

Among the other fighters J.B. trains are Cristian Diaz, 8, Dominique Phelps, 20 and Rondall McAfee, 20. They are currently preparing for Golden Gloves bouts, Feb. 2.

“It’s a lot of training — for them, and now for me,” J.B., 35, said.

J.B. returns to the ring

Before his 2009 bout, the last time Hurd fought, Bill Clinton was still president. It was July 31, 1999. Now, nearly 10 years later, he is at it again. He was part of an undercard during an event dubbed ‘Texas Slugfest’ on Jan. 15. He won a unanimous four-round (40-36) decision against Pedro Sanchez, age 20. It was one of four bouts that went the distance. There was one third round knockout and the main event was won by Joey Dunmoodie in a six-round majority decision against James Freeman.

Now Hurd will be part of another undercard with Duncanville native Luis Yanez listed as the main event since he is making his professional debut.

Hurd is preparing to fight Samuel Sanchez, 21, of Dallas, in a featherweight division, on Feb. 20. The official weigh-in will take place the day before at the ACC.

Hurd’s trainers are Vincent Reyes and Paul Reyes Sr., the latter having been a world champ during his tenure.

A little about Yanez

Yanez, 20, was at the center of a controversial decision to oust him from the U.S. Olympic team after missing more than three weeks of training at the team’s residency training program in Colorado Springs, Colo. He was allowed to participate in the Summer Olympics in Beijing but didn’t fare very well.

“Nobody did very well during the Olympics,” Hurd said. “But, it’s going to be nice being able to fight the same night Yanez makes his debut.”

Yanez will take on San Antonio’s Julio Valadez. The Yanez/Valadez junior bantamweight fight is scheduled for six rounds and will headline a six-bout fight card that is set to begin at 7:30 p.m.

The event is being produced by Barry Mendelson and his Mendelson Entertainment Group, LLC, in association with Media 13, Dallas businessman Ray Quintanilla and Brown Boy Media. The licensed promoter for the event is The Harrison Group, promoters of Texas Slugfest, based in Fort Worth.

 Tickets for all six bouts range from $25, $45, $65 and $125 per person.