Waxahachie resident J.B. Hurd lost his four-round decision against Sammy Sanchez in an undercard that featured the professional debut of former Olympian Luis Yanez, at the American Airline Center, in Dallas, last Friday.

Hurd (7-3-1) went back into the ring after a 10-year hiatus.

Hurd lost the fight despite knocking his opponent down in the fourth round after connecting on a right upper cut. Sanchez received a standing eight count and was able to get back into the fight.

“At worse, I thought it may have been a draw but the decision went his way,” Hurd said. “I thought as a result of that knockdown, that I would have gotten the decision but it didn’t happen that way.”

Hurd, who owns Eagle Boxing Gym in Waxahachie, admits he started the fight “slow.”

But there was very little activity to show for it.

“I felt that the judges may have given Sanchez the first round because he was just more active than I was,” Hurd said. “But really, none of us really landed any serious punches in that first round.”

Hurd thought he picked up his game in the middle of the second round, which set up an explosive third round that saw the two fighters connect a few times.

“I realized that the wrong decision had been made, but his reaction told even more when he jumped up and was excited,” Hurd said. “He was screaming, it got to him . . . he was crying in the ring, he was so excited. That told me everything.”

Hurd was managed by Paul Reyes Sr. and Vince Reyes.

Now there are discussions being set up to have the two in a rematch, either next month or April.

The venue could be the American Airline Center again or the Dallas Convention Center.

This time it would be a six round bout, with it being part of another undercard again.

Hurd estimates there were about 4,000 people in attendance when he fought. The headliner Yanez came on much later.

A total for punches thrown or connections made was not available for the fight, Hurd said.

The club owner now concentrates his attention on his young Eagle Gym boxers who will begin competition in a Golden Gloves competition at the John Justin Arena, in Fort Worth, Feb. 25-28.

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