Call me Rip Van Winkle, I slept through last week’s fishing report.

Well, I actually think someone else did. So last week it was a Happy St. Patty’s Day.

The 11 teams who braved the rough waters for the 287 Catfish Club tourney on Saturday, March 13, could have used a little more luck. Everyone seemed to have a good time even though there were very few catfish caught. The first place finisher weighed in four or five fish that tipped the scale at 114 pounds and change.

The crappie have moved into the shallow water. I know of a couple of fishermen who fished late and connected with close to their limit of good crappie. Along with the crappie they also found some good 12” sandies under the lights. After the good catch on Tuesday night the wind came up “high” on the wind machine and it kind of snuffed out the shallow bite.

After last week’s constant high winds I thought the next thing to happen was “Hurricane Warnings.” Just kidding. There have been some good catches this week in spite of the windy conditions. I caught five crappie on Tuesday morning, the first one weighing in at 1.44 pounds and the second was just almost identical. These two were big males in shallow water. Several other fishermen caught nice stringers of crappie. One guy on Tuesday finished up his day with 23. Most of the time you have to “stick with it” long enough to be able to fill up a stringer like this guy.

There have been several good catfish caught, under 5 pounds while jigging “headless” minnows for crappie. Also the bream are biting well enough for some kids on spring break to stringer over 20 hand sized-fish.

Sandy caught five crappie and one good size catfish this morning in her “honey hole” in the store. She was the talk of the boardwalk. Then Vic became the talk of the boardwalk when he put her last fish in the basket and didn’t close the lid. It was followed by a crappie that was taken outside to put in her basket and there were “NO FISH.”

The weather is typical for March and if it continues to be warm and windy the crappie should be on the “flats” and up in the shallows looking for brush and sticks. Until next time…hope to have news of many stuffed fish baskets soon.

There are two types of fisherman - those who fish for sport and those who fish for fish.  ~Author Unknown