Brrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr.  Since my last report, we have had a wide range of weather conditions. 

Last weekend, beginning on Friday, several people caught a fair number of good sized crappie, continuing into Saturday and Sunday when the wind was favorable in direction and speed (10-15 mph). 

One fisherman went home with 19, almost a limit. Several of his crappie were crowding the 1.5 lb mark. 

I believe his luck was fortified with his slow continuous method of jigging and his right choice of colors and placing the jig right in the face of the sluggish crappie. I don’t have his permission to tell his color pattern of choice, but it was a hand-tied feather jig. 

The last two days with the wind blowing 30+ mph sure didn’t shut the bite down completely or the fishermen who braved the low temperatures with wind chills at or near 0 degrees Fahrenheit. 

A couple of these hearty souls managed to catch 3-4 good crappie in the afternoon.

The outlook is only to get better, if you believe in the report of the ground hog. 

By the way, the “weathermen” and “groundhogs” are often wrong.