The crappie fishing at HighView Marina on Lake Bardwell has been pretty slow again this week. The weather has not been very beneficial. Someone turned in a report that the catfish (channels and blues) were biting good to excellent on shad, prepared bait and cat bait from the point all the way north to the marina.

One “fisherman” has his family with him on vacation and is camping in the park and he went home with what looked like a stringer of about 15 nice crappie. The greater part of them was caught on jigs.

With the crappie biting less frequent, other fishermen are turning to other choices for fishing excitement. One guy was fishing for catfish with dough bait for a few hours with a few light bites when his rod suddenly bent and he was nearly jerked off the marina. His trophy for the afternoon was a 10-12 pound buffalo. Another guy was primarily out for carp, with his heavy poles and landing nets looking for the good fight they give when hooked.

Sometimes the fishing is slower than we hope for but many times the unexpected happens to make the outing memorable.

It has always been my private conviction that any man who pits his intelligence against a fish and loses has it coming. -John Steinbeck