DUNCANVILLE 蔓 After taking down a Goliath of a team

Tuesday in the first day of the 61st Annual Sandra Meadows

Tournament, the Lady Indians didn稚 have the same luck in two tough

matches Wednesday.

The day started with a 59-33 loss to Fort Bend

Hightower for the Lady Indians and it didn稚 get any better when

they faced DeSoto and lost 54-32.

The Hightower game started in the worst possible way

for a team as the Lady Indians were issued a technical before the

opening tip because they had the wrong jerseys. So the Lady Indians

were in a hole when the game started.

And it pretty much went down hill from there as the

Lady Indians trailed by as much as 20 in the first half and had a

six minute scoreless stretch in the second quarter.

A big reason Hightower was able to shut the Lady

Indians down was their height. Two Lady Hurricanes stand taller

than six-foot-two and they used that height to swat more than 15

Lady Indian shots.

的t seemed to me that some of our players might have

been a little intimidated by them. I don稚 care how big they are,

you can稚 play intimidated because if you do, that will be the

result, Waxahachie coach Lesli Priebe said. 添ou can稚 have two or

three that aren稚 intimidated and the rest that are.

Every time the Lady Indians stepped a foot in the

paint and attempted a shot it went back at them much faster than it

was going towards the net. Priebe said she liked what she saw in

her players driving ability, but they have to do something else

with the ball in the paint.

添ou致e got to kick the ball out. How many times do

you have to get your shot blocked?, Priebe said. 撤enetrate, draw

the defenders, but then you have to kick the ball to the outside

for an open shot.

Junior guard Ja樽ayia Perez continued to be an

offensive force for the Lady Indians as she led the team with 16

points, but 13 came in the first half.

In the second game, DeSoto was just too much to

handle right out of the gate.

The Lady Eagles led by as much as 21 in the first

half and led 34-13 at the break. But it seemed like the Lady

Indians were a different team when they returned to the court.

典hat痴 what a good chewing out gets you, Priebe

said. 的 told them if they were going to play like that then don稚

come out of the locker room because this is embarrassing. Don稚 be

a wimp.

The Lady Indians strength is their speed and in the

second half, they used that quickness to move up and down the court

and were outscored just 20-19 in the second half by the No. 11 5A

school in the state.

At least Waxahachie won稚 have to see them again and

won稚 see a team like DeSoto or Hightower for several playoff


徹bviously we want to win games, and nobody hates to

lose more than I do, but we want to get ready for district, Priebe


Waxahachie returns to the court Tuesday to take on

Ennis on the road at 7 p.m.

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