While no Ellis County lifters placed in the top-three at the Texas High School Powerlifting Association’s state meet Saturday in Abilene several placed in the top-10 as nine lifters represented the area well.

Waxahachie had four lifters competing in the event to lead all the Ellis County schools while Midlothian, Red Oak, Palmer, Ennis and Maypearl were all represented.

Returning to the state meet for the second consecutive season Waxahachie’s Larkin Alexander placed seventh in the Division I 132-pound class with a total lift of 1,015. He squatted 385, benched 240 and deadlifted 390. First place in his division lifted a total of 1,240 pounds.

In the super heavy weight division Waxahachie’s Gennard Johnson placed eighth with a total lift of 1,450. He squatted 550, benched 300 and deadlifted 600. First place had a total lift of 1,785.

Waxahachie’s Bryan Randall placed 15th in the 220-pound class with a total lift of 1,355. He squatted 520, benched 335 and deadlifted 500.

Rounding out the Iron Indians, Pete Rios placed 20th in the 114-pound class with a total lift of 725 pounds. He squatted 275, benched 150 and deadlifted 300.

Waxahachie, Midlothian, Ennis and Red Oak all competed in Division I against other Class 4A and Class 5A schools while Midlothian’s Vinson Sellars had the highest Ellis County placing in the division.

Sellars placed fourth in the 148-pound class with a total lift of 1,200 pounds. He missed first place by 65 pounds as Ruben Salinas from Roma, a Class 4A school, claimed the state title.

In the deadlift Sellars took the weight class by storm with the top total of 485 pounds. He followed it up with a 235-pound bench and a 480-pound squat.

Red Oak’s Blake Mirowitz placed eighth in the 123-pound class with a total lift of 975 pounds. He squatted 370, benched 200 and deadlifted 405. Cedar Hill’s Zach Fain took first in the class with a lift of 1,120 pounds.

Ennis’ Boston Prachyl was 17th in the 198-pound class with a total lift of 1,285. He squatted 475, benched 310 and deadlifted 500. First place earned gold with a total lift of 1,585.

Class 2A and 1A teams competed in Division III and Ellis County was represented by two lifters.

Palmer’s Allen Harden finished fourth in the 198-pound class with a total lift of 1,365. First place came in at 1,620 while Harden squatted 500, benched 335 and deadlifted 530.

Maypearl’s Blake Lehew placed ninth in the Divison III 148-pound class with a total lift of 1,130 pounds.

First place in the 148-pound class finished with 1,330 pounds. Lehew squatted 425, benched 285 and deadlifted 420.