With one week left in the regular season for high school powerlifting, local programs are positioning themselves to be ranked higher in Region II.

Various local programs have made an impact on the rankings, which are compiled by the Texas High School Womens Powerlifting Association regardless of the school’s classification.

Of the 11 various powerlifting classes girls are allowed to compete in, Red Oak has six lifters ranked in the top 15, which is a high among local programs.

“It’s important for us to get as many lifters qualified for regional as possible,” Red Oak coach Brian Thompson said.

In the 105-lb. class, Naomi Giron is No. 11 with a combined weight of 470 lbs. lifted.

In that same class, Ferris’ Crystal Ortiz is ranked No. 1 with a combined weight of 560 lbs.

Midlothian’s Lexi Ball is eighth (470 lbs. lifted).

In the 123-lb. class, another Ferris athlete, Maggie Sands, is making headway as she is ranked No. 4 with a combined weight of 625 lbs. lifted.

Jessica Allen, of Red Oak, is 12th (555 lbs. lifted).

In the 132-lb. class, only Stephanie Horton is ranked at 11. Horton has lifted a combined weight of 610 lbs. In fact, she is the lone Class 4A athlete to be ranked among girls. The top spot goes to a Winnsboro lifter, which competes out of Class 2A.

In the 148-lb. class, Olivia Slaughter is ranked No. 4, a placement she has held on to all of the powerlifting season.

Slaughter, who is also a Red Oak cheerleader for the JV team, has lifted a combined weight of 710 lbs.

Tatiana Rodriguez, of Ferris, is No. 11 with a total weight of 655 lbs.

Red Oak’s Hunter Porter is No. 3 in the 165-lb. class. She started late in the powerlifting season but has really excelled with a combined weight of 815 lbs. lifted.

Her Red Oak teammate Gabbie Hernandez is also No. 3 in the 198-lb. class. Hernandez has accumulated 775 lbs. of weight combined. Keyona Jones is No. 10 in the same class and has marks of 685 lbs. lifted.

If not for Noelle Giron, Porter and Hernandez would be ranked the highest in the Red Oak program.

However, Giron has laid claim as being the top ranked lifter for the school, No. 2 in the 181-lbs. class.

Giron has lifted a combined weight of 805 lbs. She trails Veronica Dowell, of Class 2A Rice High School by 60 pounds.

Sakendra Norwood, of Italy, is shown to have lifted a combined weight of 455 lbs. in the 220-lb. class.

The THSWPA reports that her lift is ranked below the No. 15 lifter.

In the 220-plus lbs. class, there are three local lifters ranked.

Two Red Oak athletes — Chasity Cole (fifth, 800 lbs.) and Kim Cline (sixth, 790 lbs.)– are in the top 10. Midlothian’s Kristine Robinson is No. 13 with a combined weight of 685 lbs. lifted.

No local lifters are ranked in the following classes: 97-lb. class, 114-lb. class.

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