On a warm November afternoon Lisa and Randy Moore decided to go hunting near their home in Italy, Texas.

On land that has not been hunted on in more than 25 years, the pair had been seeing deer tracks as well as numerous sightings while driving the dirt roads in the vicinity. Randy had been checking the area repeatedly and had seen a doe and some yearlings, along with a couple of bucks.

Sitting in the stand the husband-and-wife team saw the buck come up over the hill.

“At first, I was so excited to see it I froze,” Lisa said. “He was so pretty and big. But, with luck, he was on my side of the stand, so my husband kind of gave me a nudge for me to take the shot. I did, with a Winchester .308 rifle. We saw him go down, but I was not sure if I got him. We jumped on our Ranger to go see and there he was.

"My husband could not believe it, it was so big. We took my first 'Big Buck' to have it mounted," Lisa said. "It was a 12-point and it scored 155 4/8 spread and dressed at 180 pounds. I was so proud. It will be going in the records for Boone and Crocket for the big game and it may be the biggest for Ellis County and it came from our backyard.”