Earning a black belt in the sport of American Tae Kwon Do takes years of determination and persistence along with the physical training that many do not have the patience to achieve.

One Waxahachie youth not only has earned a black belt ranking, he has taken it to the next level, becoming one of the few to earn the rank of second degree black belt.

Colin Dacy, 15, has trained at Buie’s Superkicks Karate in Midlothian for many years. Last fall he achieved a personal goal by earning his second degree rank as a black belt student.

“Earning the first degree black belt is long and hard, and it is understandable that it is a goal where a lot of people stop after that,” Dacy said. “Earning the second degree rank is more a matter of patience to continue to perfect and expand your own skills as you share your knowledge by helping to instruct others.”

He said it takes a minimum of two years beyond the first degree black belt rank to earn the second degree rank.

The word Tae Kwon Do itself is made up of three Chinese/Korean words meaning, loosely, a way of using the fist or hand along with kicks and jumps.

“It is definitely a physical sport. It makes you use every part of your body, so you work up a sweat. It also exercises your mind. You have to have focus, discipline, and determination to work the steps necessary to achieve your goal, like getting to the next belt level or rank level,” he said. “Those lessons help you in all parts of life.”

Dacy started training in Tae Kwon Do at a now-closed Waxahachie school at the age of 9.

He then trained at Buie’s Superkicks for five years, earning both the first degree and second degree black belt ranks from head instructor Wade Buie.

“I owe a lot to Mr. Buie. He is very patient and is a strong example of the values Tae Kwon Do tries to teach,” he said.

Dacy is a student at Waxahachie Ninth Grade Academy.