When Mr. Buie steps onto the mat all eyes stare straight ahead as his students prepare themselves for intense training in Taekwon Do.

Taekwon Do literally means “Tae” - to kick, “Kwon” - a fist used to punch or destroy, and “Do” - an ‘art or way’. Together it all adds up to “the way of kicking and punching.”

Recently Wade Buie stepped onto the mat for another matter as the amiable instructor tested for his Third Degree Black Belt at the Midlothian Conference Center.

Buie was required to demonstrate excellence in board breaking, forms and self-defense including gun and knife defense as well as sparring before an austere group of judges: Brax Boyd, 6th degree black belt; Ben Bergman, 4th degree black belt and Brian Higgins, 3rd degree black belt.

“It had been 21 years since my last promotion as I took a few years off from karate, but I knew that I needed to advance because some of my students are catching up to me,” Buie said.

Much to the delight of the gathered crowd, the evening began with a demonstration by the Buie’s SuperKicks demo team.

Buie then took to the mat to demonstrate his skills to the judges.

“ I teach martial arts as a way of life. I say that we are adding value to life - we help students prepare for life,” Buie said.

The evening was a complete success as Buie earned his promotion while demonstrating to all present that what he teaches is what he delivers: attitude and explosive moves.

“Several people came up to me and complimented me on the fact that I was able to show the students exactly what I have been trying to teach,” Wade continued.

“Even though I took about 10 years off from the study of karate I never had it out of my system. A few years ago I had the opportunity to help teach in DeSoto where my daughter began to study. As I taught several people came to me asking for private lessons. It got to the point where I decided to start my own school. Then I came to understand that I must advance to stay ahead.”

Buie went on to explain the belt level advancement at SuperKicks.

The beginner starts at the white or pure level and it takes at least 16 classes minimum or two months to test for advancement to the gold level. To promote to orange the student must attend a minimum of 40 classes, approximately five months of training.

The intermediate ranks consist of green, 64 class minimum, blue, 88 class minimum and purple, 112 class minimum.

Upon reaching the advanced ranks the student must work through the red belt - 136 classes minimum, brown belt candidate - 160 classes minimum, black belt candidate - 256 classes minimum and 1st degree black belt - 320 classes minimum. A minimum of 40 months of work is required before a candidate may test for a black belt.

Buie has reached a level of study where he must utilize books and film as well as train in order to continue advancement.

“For me it is all about helping others, to assist the parents and schools to help bring up kids right.”