The Venus Bulldogs boys’ powerlifting team has the most athletes that are in position to advance to the regional meet, based on rankings with one week left in the regular season.

The ranking are compiled by the Texas High School Powerlifting Association, which tabulates results from coaches around Region II.

Among the Venus lifters are C.J. Dunham, who is ranked No. 1 in the 123-lb. weight class.

He has lifted a total weight of 820 lbs.

His heaviest lift came in the dead lift at 330 lbs.

In the squat, Dunham lifted 320 lbs. and the bench press 170 lbs.

Jesus Cano is ranked No. 8 in the 198-lb. class. He has lifted a total weight of 1,200 lbs.

Like Dunham, Cano’s highest lift was in the deadlift at 460 lbs.

Cano also lifted 450 lbs. in the squat and 290 lbs. on the bench.

Of the eight lifters on the team, five of them are ranked in the 20s in their respective weight classes. Coaches said the window is limited but the opportunity to elevate their rankings can happen.

Those lifters and their rankings are as follows: Ryan Gilbreath (21), Caleb Borden (22), David Torres (25), Thomas Davis (22) and Kenneth Roca (28).

Reed leads Maypearl

For Maypearl, the lifter with the best marks has been Devon Reed.

He has a mark of 1,200 lbs. lifted, which puts Reed at No. 8 in the 242-lbs. class.

His squat of 490 lbs. is the most he has lifted. In the category of bench, Reed lifted 245 lbs. and the dead lift 465 lbs.

Coach Brad Bramlet said he hopes fellow lifter Greg Ormiston can put himself to qualify for the regional meet. So far, Ormiston is ranked No. 23 in the 242-lbs. class.

“He’s been doing very well this year, we think he is going to advance far in powerlifting,” Bramlet said.

Ormiston has lifted 440 lbs. in the dead lift, 425 lbs. in the squat and 210 lbs. on thre bench.

Among the other lifters on the Maypearl team are Javier Gonzales, Joseph Simpson and Ethan Eastwood.

Midlothian has one meet remaining in powerlifting season

Midlothian has made an imprint during the powerlifting season as the regional meet looms later this month for them and other.

There are seven Panther lifters ranked in the top 10 in the region.


The lifters and their rankings and weight class are Collin Hofstad (ninth in the 114-lb. class), Vincent Sellers (third in the 123-lb. class), Trenton Bledsoe (fifth in the 132-lb. class), Brent Middleton (sixth in the 148-lb. class), Dante Floyd (fifth in the 165-lb. class) and Akeem Williams (fourth in the 181-lb. class) and Jordan Hook (10th in the 123-lb. class). 

To qualify for the boys division, lifters need to be ranked in the top 12.

Another four are in the top 20, which still puts them in position to qualify for the regional meet.

They are Landon Freeman (11th in the 201-lb. class), Brad Ballard (15th in the 220-lb. class), Myron Hanson (14th in the 242-lb. class) and Chad Richards (20th in the 275-lb. class).

Evans has top ranking

Red Oak’s Seth Evans joins Venus’ Dunham are the only powerlifter to be ranked tops in the region, respectively.

Evans competes in the 275-lb. class and has lifted 1,640 lbs. of total weight.

His best mark came in the squat when he lifted 670 lbs.

His lift of 570 lbs. in the dead lift was also impressive. Evans amassed 400 lbs. in the bench.

He is joined by three other lifters in the top 10, including Dave McGee (114-lb. class) and Blake Mirowitz (123-lb. class).

Mirowitz is ranked No. 2 with a combined weight of 840 lbs.; McGee is ranked No. 5 with a total weight of 620 lbs. lifted.

Mirowitz excelled in the dead lift when he reached 355 lbs.

If he is able to beat his lowest mark of 160 lbs. on the bench, it’s highly likely he can reach the No. 1 status.

In the squat, Mirowitz has been stellar, lifting 325 lbs.

For McGee, his lowest lift also came in the bench with a lift of 115 lbs.

Like his teammate Mirowitz, McGee also had his best showing in the dead lift with a 275-lbs lift.

Red Oak has six other lifters ranked in the top 20.

They are as follows:

Colby Houston (16th in the SHW), Dundy Walker (17th in the 275-lb. class), Josh Simmons (15th in the 242-lb. class), Sergio Munoz (19th in the 181-lb. class), Alex McGraw (19th in the 148-lb. class) and Daniel Clayburn (19th in the 165-lb. class).

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