MIDLOTHIAN – Isaac Arrington is ready for an adventure, a journey into the unknown. Virginia seems like a good place to start.

Arrington, a senior soccer standout for the Midlothian boys program, signed his letter of intent last week to continue his career at Virginia Wesleyan College. After a lifetime spent in Texas, the outgoing Arrington was looking to shake things up.

“It’s easy being a high school student, you can go home, sit in front of the refrigerator, eat all you want and have no worries in the world,” Arrington said. “I’ve just been in DeSoto and Midlothian my whole life and I just want to branch out and explore the world, go see what else is out there. I’m a curious guy. I just want to go explore and see what else is going on.”

Over the last few seasons, Arrington has spent his time on the soccer field making a big impact in whatever way he could. Last year, he was a reserve who came off the bench to provide a spark in certain situations but a senior-heavy roster limited his role.

This year, he earned a few starts but became primarily known for his play off the bench. Against Mansfield Timberview at home this season, Arrington came off the bench to score two goals while adding an assist and was dragged down to set up a penalty shot for the fourth goal. In the Panthers’ area playoff game against Plano, Arrington came off the bench again to help the team get back into the game before some bad luck ended the team’s run.

For coach Austin Guest, Arrington’s season was summed up in his performance against Grand Prairie on Midlothian’s senior night.

“We’re in the locker room at halftime and he takes over and says, ‘Look guys, we’re not going to lose this game. We’re going to win this game. That’s all there is to it. No excuses, no options. Failure’s not an option.’ Then went out there and led the team to a 2-1 win over Grand Prairie,” Guest said. “All season long, he has left everything he’s got on the field.”

Arrington’s talents will keep his career going long after he graduates from Midlothian. He’s just excited to be taking those talents to the east coast. Coast being the operative word.

After a childhood spent in the Metroplex, Arrington admits the idea of being near the beach is a reason he is making the move east. It’s not the only reason and not the most important one but it is an added benefit.

“Being near the beach to be honest that helped out a lot but the coaches were really genuine, they wanted me to be recruited there. They said I have a really good possible chance of starting my freshman year, which is a big plus,” Arrington said. “I just want to go a college and play. You have the big colleges which are all good but my main thing about going to college is I just want to play soccer, I just want to play the sport I love for as many years as possible.”

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