EDITOR’S NOTE: Glimpse of Global is a weekly feature written by the students and faculty of Waxahachie Global High School to share information about the school, its curriculum and programs while highlighting the accomplishments of its students. Waxahachie Global High, in its second year of operation, is one of 38 Texas STEM Academies placing an emphasis on college preparation with a primary focus in science, technology, engineering and mathematics.

When Amy Hollywood, community relations manager for the city of Waxahachie, wanted a new look for the city Web site, she approached Mrs. Jalynn Chapman, instructor of the Computer Multimedia and Animation Technology – Honors class at Global High School with the challenge: put your students to work on behalf of our city administration to create a new design for our home page.

Since the mission of Global High is to offer its students the opportunity to work on relevant, real-life applications through project-based learning, joining the city on this effort was a perfect fit.

Teams of students competed to design and build a new home page using Adobe “Dreamweaver” and other Adobe applications such as “Flash” and “Fireworks.”

Each team then presented their designs to an assembled group that included both school administrators and city officials.

Following the presentations, city officials took several weeks to consider which would be the winning design.

Everyone was impressed with the designs the students created. In fact, the city administrators chose a combination of two teams’ designs as their final selection.

The plan is to combine elements from both designs to create the new city Web page, expected to be launched in the next few weeks at www.waxahachie.com.

The winning student designers were Megan Wiley, Lizet Sifuentes, Ben Rivera, Brianna Deere, Chris Valle, Frankie Comeaux and Casey Steele.

As part of the competition, these students were treated to a luncheon at the Dove’s Nest Restaurant hosted by Waxahachie Mayor Ron Wilkinson, Amy Hollywood and City Manager Paul Stevens. Also attending were Waxahachie Global High Head Master Portia Butler and CMAT Instructor Jalynn Chapman. It was the capstone of the project. Everyone present enjoyed both the good company and the good food.

Not surprisingly, the winning student designers had strong reactions to the experience.

Ben Rivera noted, “It was a great experience, I learned a lot about the Dreamweaver software, as I created my part of the Web site, especially about putting everything together and making needed revisions.” Megan Wiley reflected, “This project was like nothing else I have done. It will be a great advantage to me when I reach college. I’m very thankful for the opportunity.”

“I was excited to take photos of our historic city — and winning was great!” added Brianna Deere, as Lizet Sifuentes concurred. The students thoroughly enjoyed getting to leave school in the middle of the day for lunch at the Dove’s Nest.

Frankie Comeaux and Chris Valle each added three important words to the teams’ assessments: “The Dove’s Nest!” and “Kobe Beef Burgers!”

As Mrs. Chapman, CMAT Instructor, observed, “The project was definitely a real-life application of the students’ computer skills in the area of multimedia. They were able to experience the entire design process in a way that utilized both team effort and presentation skills.

“The fact that their work will be viewed world-wide on the Internet and they will be given attribution as the designers was very motivating for them. Lunch with the Mayor and city administrators was just icing on the cake! And believe me — we all enjoyed dessert!

“Global High really appreciates the opportunity to partner with the City of Waxahachie. Personally, I would like to thank Amy Hollywood for making this dream a reality for our students,” Chapman said.

Waxahachie Global High is looking forward to welcoming current eighth grade and freshman applicants from Waxahachie ISD, homeschool and private school students and students from the Metroplex area and introducing them to the young men and women who already make Global High School a unique center of learning for Ellis County students. We welcome applications from homeschool and private school students both within and outside of the Waxahachie Independent School District. For more information on Waxahachie Global High, contact the school office at 972-923-4761. Global High is located at 600 W. Second St., Waxahachie.

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