As we close out the end of another year, let’s take a moment to honor what has become a Daily Light tradition of making predictions for the year ahead. Before we get out the crystal ball and make our prognostication of what will take place in 2012 (to be published in Sunday’s edition), we thought we would take this opportunity to get out the scorecard and see how well we did on our 2011 prediction and how well our crystal ball is working.

In our Dec. 31, 2010 edition, we predicted:

• On the economy, “Unemployment will remain the top economic issue throughout 2011, both nationally and locally. While we would like to see both federal and state officials focus on small business development — which creates the majority of jobs in the U.S., our crystal ball sees more partisan bickering in store rather than legislative leadership.”

Pretty much nailed that one. Although the economy has shown modest signs of improvement in 2011, unemployment and business development are still the top issue facing the nation.

• In sports, “We see both the Lady Indians soccer and volleyball teams playing deep into the playoffs and a strong possibility for one or both to bring home a state title.”

Again, we pretty much nailed it. Congratulations to both teams on a great season. We are extremely proud.

“2011 is THE YEAR the Spirit of Waxahachie Indian Marching Band will become the Texas UIL 4A State Champions.”

We came up a little short on this one, but not by much. The band played all the way to the State Finals, with the highest finish in school history.

• In education, “In May, more than one-third of the first class to graduate from Waxahachie Global High will receive their associate’s degree from Navarro College — one week before the entire class earns their high school diplomas on May 20.”

Again, nailed it as 26 members of the WGH’s first class earned associate’s degrees — and we’re already hearing succes stories from the grads who are continuing their education.

• Redistricting, “If we thought partisan politics was bad in 2010, it will pale in comparison to the squabbles over redistricting political boundaries in 2011. We predict by June everyone will be longing for the days when all we had to contend with was negative campaign ads.”

Again, nailed it. Only partisan bickering has been worse than even we predicted.

Look for our 2011 predictions in Sunday’s edition and this time next year, we’ll see if our batting average holds up. On behalf of everyone at the Daily Light, we wish everyone a very happy and prosperous New Year. Thanks for making us part of your daily routine.