Hope you had a grand Christmas! May this New Year bring us all peace, posterity and love!

So many blessings happened this week I felt at times it was the pantry’s birthday along with Baby Jesus.

Boy Scouts, Girl Scouts and individuals brought canned goods to the pantry!  A very wonderful and very interesting lady and her husband brought a couple of gifts for our “shut-ins.” She has been all over the world and Willamena and Bill have settled in Midlothian.  She wrote her name on a piece of paper for me to keep; but somehow I have lost it. I have received so many phone calls, I do not even have her number now.

After bringing the two gifts, they went home and wrapped another dozen, wrote what it was and if suited for a man or woman.  They were terrific. The seniors have something from another part of the world and are thrilled to death of their gift!

My awesome friends,  Don Carr and his beautiful wife Lisa went and bought many gift cards and even candy for our seniors. Don repairs and builds ramps, and just about everything  else our seniors ask of him.  They are truly God’s angels for them!

Then,  Armando Ferraez, manager, along with two of his managers, Ivonne Medina and sister Aviana Medina, brought the owner, Luis Hernandez Sr. of McDonald’s and presented us with a check much larger than the VERY GENEROUS one he gave us Thanksgiving!  I was so shocked, I started crying and hugged each of them probably much too tightly! “Giving back to the community, especially helping our seniors,  is certainly shown through their kindness and generosity! Thanks to all of you!  We love you SO MUCH! (Asking about Luis Hernandez Jr., Mr. Hernandez said he was buying the Midlothian store. We are blessed!)

A huge blessing each Christmas is the family and friends of Don and Jeanie Rivers who spends many days cooking and preparing food for our 50 “shut-ins.” Because of precious Belinda Talbot. Brenda Kimbrell and  her  sweet daughter Dana, they had even more to deliver. These three angels also spent many hours cooking extra sweets, and making little gift bags for each shut-in.  I am surrounded by angels and the blessings are never-ending!

Patrizio’s’ was decorated with a beautiful cake from Busy Bee, balloons,  and many family members and friends yelling “surprise” when Jerri Rathbun walked into the room with her daughter, Sandy Patton.  Her other daughter, Debbie Kurth, had been entertaining us until the big moment!  A delicious dinner was served; and Jerri opened her gifts. It was a delightful evening of festivities and seeing two daughters who love their mother very much! I had to leave a little early because Hershal was home (alone) with the grandsons! Jerri is one awesome lady, and we wish her many, many more terrific birthdays!

Thursday, Mr. Johnny Fleeman loaded four printers and four cameras and headed for the Midlothian Senior Citizen Center.  There he met Mr. and Mrs. Claus, (Johnny and Sandi Grant). While Johnny and Sandi held each senior (and sometime spouse) I would take their picture. After taking four or five, I would take the camera to Johnny.  While he was printing the pictures, I would do the same with another camera.  When I had to leave to go to a funeral, my precious grandson,  Matthew Ross,  filled in for me. We have some unbelievable pictures and wish to thank both my brothers, Johnny and Johnny, and Sandi for their very unselfish acts of kindness and love towards our seniors. Ink is very expensive and time is more precious than gold; but they do this every year for our seniors! Thank you all very much! Also, thanks to Karen Cox and her wonderful staff for making everyone feel so welcomed. The food was grand and it was a great party!

T. E. had a bad day this week, so please keep on praying! Russ Vinson was at Mrs. Robbie’s wake and is looking good with his wrap on his shinbone. Mrs. Margaret McClendon is in Matlock Rehab and looks great! Please keep these and all those you know in your prayers!

Mrs. Robbie Mae Joiner started coming to the pantry when we were at the Midlothian Funeral Home.  Everyone fell in love with her. Her main “goal” each week was to get something for her “babies” in her Sunday School class. We would rummage through and find something  she could give them. When we moved to the school, it was always a joy to see her drive into the driveway. Because of her really bad knees, we told her to park at the door and would try always to get her a buggy to the car so she would have something on which to hold. Belinda and Brenda would immediately scurry to find something for her babies. Most of the time, they would have something “put back” waiting on her arrival. Her son Robert started helping us and is our “cooler superintendent.” Mrs. Robbie was just someone you could NOT keep from loving. Her kindness and love for the Lord showed in her eyes, her voice, and her mannerisms.

Sunday morning, the Good Lord invited her to the very best birthday party a father could give His Son and Mrs. Robbie accepted!  Don’t you know the jubilation that greeted her upon her arrival! She had taught God’s word to little children for more than 60 years.  At her funeral, there was testimony to what she taught stayed with them through their lifetime. Apparently, she “guided” several preachers in her infinite wisdom.  Another testimony mentioned she was a “stickler” for time. 

Wednesday night, FUMC youth and I went to her home and “Christmas Caroled” her.  On Friday, I had taken Hershal to the doctor and missed her. She had left a Christmas card (Of which I will always treasure) and told Mickey she was elated over us caroling her.

I wished I had know her longer and much better. The few years I did know her, I feel very blessed. She was my friend and I loved her very much.

Our deepest condolences to Robert, Christene Stinson and Stella “Dimples” Thompson on the loss of your mother: and to all the other family members. She will be missed!

Our boys will leave this week and it will be a long winter. We were very thankful to have our family with us this  Christmas and hope you were blessed with yours, too.

Please check on your seniors. Take them a balloon or a sparkler for New Year’s.  Tell them you love them.

New Year’s can be very festive and exciting; but in the twinkling of an eye, can turn into horror by taking one too many drinks or one too many chances. Be very careful this week and please love each other.




Vicki Massey is a long-time resident of Midlothian and a strong supporter of the Midlothian Senior Citizens Center and food pantry.