To the Editor,

Now it is written, on whatever it is that  they write on these days, that the way to win any election from local to national office, is to rail against the status quo to represent oneself as an “outsider” to those in power. That way one can become an “insider” and radically change the way things are done and truly represent the “will of the common people.”


But first one must affiliate themselves with a party, philosophy or movement whose ideas one must adopt as their own, even to cast themselves in the cement of policy determined by the elite executive committees, or those whose gold pays for a really nice campaign bus.

One must gain a card of membership, get the required frontal lobotomy eliminating any ability to think freely and implant the mini-receiver to follow party agenda lock-step into the halls of government. Then after signing the pledge mandated by a lobbyist power broker, acting at the behest of global powers, one must willing to sit on their butt and oppose to support the party dogma rather than act to support the welfare of the country while making sure that their constituents are flooded with press releases showing the movement is in the best interest of all yet in actuality that is fictional, fantastical at best to that end.

While in a campaign, one must show that the current officeholder are corrupt, immoral, and a lackey of the unpatriotic powers that run the country.

To do this effectively one must be able to lie, distort, and misrepresent all the while showing themselves as honest, patriotic, God-fearing, true Americans. We all know that the current field is ripe with such an exceptional crop that fulfill this criteria. And from this bounty is someone you want as representative of yourself?

When it was a day that we elected our government representatives based on the shown ability to lead, to make decisions based for the good of all their office represents, to think free of the views of a minority, or forced to act by the dollar afforded to their campaign, is when we had  not a mob ruled, not a trend motivated, not a ideologically constrained form of government, but one  that was fueled by the free intellect  and will of all the people, not  one determined and bought by the economically fortunate that is evident today.

 A true government is still possible. An effective government can still be a tool of the all people to benefit themselves and others.

A responsive government can still act as a stalwart of freedom, of liberty, and of the goodness of the people whom it owes its formation and existence. One whose members are beholding to one pledge only. The one we all learned years ago and still recite today that says: “We pledge allegiance to the flag of the United States of America.”

 Vote accordingly.

  Alan Fox,