To the Editor,

My mother and dad raised their family through the Great Depression and as most Americans, saw how things were not the way they would want them to be. The poor families during that period were suffering. Many died of starvation, disease, not having proper housing or clothes to wear. They certainly did not have proper health care as we identify what is considered proper today. The old saying during that time was, “The rich get richer and the poor get poorer.”

Our country was founded mostly by men that had a fear of God and at least respected Him. We see this in the writings left behind and the laws they passed back then were the same laws as found in the Bible. Man concluded, the way the people were having to live during the depression was certainly not the way God wanted them to live. Man blamed the ones on Wall Street and others among the rich for hording their money and not putting it in circulation. Politics got involved and we elected people that seemed to offer hope of a better life. What we did not realize was we had lost some of the values held by most of our founding fathers and taught in God’s word. We have continued going down that spiral and have allowed God to be taken out of our schools and most public places. Just look at the condition of our schools today and tell me if we are better off. We have allowed killing of the pre-born and just look at how it has affected this country’s economy.

We said back then “The rich get richer and the poor get poorer” and whom do we listen to today to form our opinions, the same rich. We form our opinions by listening to the president, senators, talking heads of television media, etc., all of which collect or have incomes that exceed most Americans at least tenfold.

What my parents and most Americans wanted when we started on this downward spiral was people that were God fearing and would love their neighbor as themselves. We made the wrong choice considering the effects of many we have elected to office.

This election, let us elect people that are not ashamed of the Gospel and will hold the same values that our Savior holds, recorded in his Word.

Daniel Younger,