To the Editor,

Christmas is now over, and those of us near the “Magnablend” ground zero were able to enjoy friends and family despite the smell.

As we look forward to New Year’s, I know my resolution will be to not endure a minute longer than I have to where Magnablend can grace us with the pleasant smell of death. (Really? It’s the nutrients that make this smell? Not the dead animals, fish and plants?)?

I apologize to all my neighbors. When people start moving because of bad decisions by our city government, then property values go down. When property values go down, the city raises taxes to make up for “lost revenue.” So, before you speak out and belittle those of us who are speaking out, think about the health effects some of our neighbors are experiencing. Think about those of us who cannot go outside our own homes because of the inescapable horrid smell that permeates the nose and mouth. Think about the end result.?If the problems others are experiencing does not move you, then think about how you are going to pay for your lack of compassion through higher taxes.

Daryl and Freedom Stanford,