To the Editor,

The U.S. Congress has continued to bargain away our future with the constant error of logic that compromise is necessary to get along with their political adversaries. 

Ninety percent of the incumbents are re-elected every two years. The same politicians that have caused all our problems are put back in office to continue the same mistakes over and over.

GOOOH (get out of our house) will challenge those incumbents in the primaries with citizen representatives chosen by the members of their district. This is no third party movement. We will compete against the entrenched politicians in the primaries. The few good representatives there will grow stronger with honest competition. Almost every person in America supports fair and honest competition. The politicians are the only ones who seem to disagree. They care more about their party than fairness to the process.  For more information: GOOOH.COM.

Roy T Newsom,

Granbury, Texas