To the Editor,

As I picked up the local paper this morning there was another member of our community who has passed away during 2011, Bob Sokoll, former city manager of Waxahachie. 

I happened to meet Mr. Sokoll during my tenure with Waxahachie ISD. I was sad to read the news of his passing. I recall working with Mr. Sokoll, the Chamber of Commerce and the school district during the initial phases of the SSC. While helping to coordinate meetings for my employer and the city, I found Mr. Sokoll to be a humble man who even when egos began to surface while under stress to procure the location of the scientific institution, Mr. Sokoll remained focused on what was in the best interests of the city as well as the county. Sometimes individuals within towns and communities do not understand nor see all that is required to provide the best services possible for its citizenry and I happened to be blessed at an early age to see the inter workings of the public school and the city of Waxahachie. Mr. Sokoll was a true leader and his family should be proud of what he did and how his legacy will continue to enrich the lives for future generation for my hometown.

God speed Mr. Sokoll.

Cathy Underwood Burks,