To the Editor,

You’ve heard the stories thousands of times. She could do this. She could do that. I remember once she did this for me. Well, my Mom did something really special. Not to undermine what others have done. They’ve all done something special. Still, I felt it should be told about my Mom and what she did for me.

I’d come home from school. It was just like any other day – tests and quizzes, assignments that were due, with more to come. Dot your “i’s’’ and keep your hands to yourself. You know the drill. Then, a long ride home on a bus with, well, a thought and hope in a boy that Saturday will come sooner. Often times it seemed like those were the days that Mom did her magic.

There was something special how Mom did it. You’d come into the house and smell a fragrance. Something that would make any kid, or adult for that matter, make a “bee-line’’ to the source. It wasn’t fresh linens. It was cookies! Sometimes it was chocolate. Other times she made pecan cookies. And, other times it was chocolate chip brownies made in a nice deep dish!

I found it amazing how she timed cooking the first batch. They were still hot on the counter and gooey inside with the second batch coming out of the oven as I opened the door! And although I’m 40 and realize it’s just a matter of timing, it still impresses me how she already had the first batch cooling on the counter. Actually, I know why it amazed me. My ideal of cooking is hitting the popcorn button on a microwave enough times until whatever I put in it is warm!

Mom’s “magic shows’’ lasted all her life. Her cookies, well, I can still taste them. Even the ones left behind and found months later. Once I found a cookie in my letter jacket after finishing my first year at college. A little hard, but it didn’t matter. It was one of Mom’s cookies.

I could go on for days about her cooking, and not just the cookies. I never mentioned those other specialities – foreign dishes, a $10 roll of quarters hidden inside a birthday cake, leftover concoctions. ... The story can go on and on. Still, if there was one thing that I could tell you about Mom’s cooking it would be those cookies. She passed away Sept. 23, 2004. Not a day goes by I don’t think about her. More often during the holidays where there were lots of cookies! I guess I’ll have to make do for now hitting the popcorn button. That’s OK. I know Heaven is great! That’s what the Bible says. I just wish God didn’t have to have Mom and her cookies. Love you Mom.

Selma “Dene’’ Williams

March 6, 1936 – Sept. 23, 2004

Your Son,

Andrew Williams,