A new phenomenon has taken Facebook by storm and it’s on fire – namely colleges and towns starting Facebook threads inviting residents and former residents to post their memories of days gone by.

Whether you’re from the Texas hamlets of Carthage, Jacksonville, Teague, Hillsboro or Mexia, Hope, Ark., or Wilkesville, Ohio, you’ve probably become ensnared by nothing short of a cyberspace class reunion via the Facebook threads.

Waxahachie is no exception. A thread titled “You might be from Waxahachie if…” has mushroomed in just 20 hours, according to earlier posts.

Sharon Rexrode, who works in the advertising department for the Waxahachie Daily Light, has contributed to the conversation on the Facebook thread and she gives a hint as to who might have started it up.

“I just know I saw Curtis Storz post a statement saying that he had no idea when he first started it up that it would have had as many hits as it’s had,” Rexrode said. “And (Thursday) night, it had grown to about 750 participants, but now there is 1,535 that have joined. Anyone who wants to join just needs to log on and anyone who is already a member can ‘accept’ them.”

Storz, who lives in Porter near Houston, was raised in Waxahachie and sent his comment via Facebook to the Daily Light.

“Yes, I did start the thread,” he wrote. “I did not expect the excitement, but it has been fun.”

And what is the subject matter? People who live in Waxahachie and former residents who live across the country are reminiscing about a Waxahachie gone by.

Robin Fox recalls when the only place to buy a Dr Pepper was the Feed Store.

“It was that cool machine you had to work the bottle through – ice cold for a nickel,” she posted.

What else do people remember? Underwoods Barbecue Restaurant on East Main, K-Bobs Steak House on U.S. Highway 287 bypass, the old Braums that was located next door to the present Braums, among others.

Others completed the title of the post, “You know you’re from Waxahachie if…” as in “You know where Reagor Springs is,” “Your parents still go to Dr. Compton,” “You played soccer for the ‘Y’ behind the Water Treatment Plant every Saturday morning,” “You know the original location of Ninos,” “You ate French dressing on chips at Loma Alta and cookies from Audrey’s Bake Shop,” “You remember having a Krogers and a Sav-a-Lot,” “You remember when Billy Kinsala was a broke mechanic, not the employer of over 20 people with an internationally known manufacturing company,” and “You remember skating in Wayne Boze Funeral Home.”

Wally Lomas, a 1983 graduate of Waxahachie High School, found the Waxahachie Facebook site Thursday night and couldn’t resist joining up.

“It has been so much fun remembering all the old days when I was growing up in Waxahachie and reading all the posts from people,” he said.”

Jim Mathison, a 1973 WHS graduate, called to give his take on the Facebook excitement.

“I just read a post from someone who seemed a little (unhappy) about all these threads getting started,” Mathison said. “But my feeling is that people are enjoying themselves and with the economic downturn, people just want to connect and remember the good old days and that’s what this is about.”

David Parten’s post summed up the idea of the trip down memory lane: “It doesn’t matter who started (this thread) things have changed, but we still love this place we call home.”

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