A new face has joined the Waxahachie Daily Light.

American Consolidated Media (ACM), owner of your hometown newspaper, recently welcomed Scott Wright as ACM’s regional operations director for Central Texas. From his regional offices, Wright leads Daily Light operations and also oversees the Stephenville Empire-Tribune, Brownwood Bulletin, publications covering Ballinger and Winters and Glen Rose Reporter. He also oversees the region’s weekly shoppers and specialty publications.

Wright said he is pleased to be back in the business and the Lone Star State after a brief hiatus from the communication industry.

“I’m blessed to be back in Texas and excited about leading ACM Central Texas operations,” Wright said. “The newspaper industry is changing dramatically, and I’m looking forward to seeing our news teams develop into 24-hour information providers in our digital endeavors while still publishing great community newspapers and more.”

Wright has years of proven experience in the communication industry.

Most recently, Wright served as the president and chief operating officer of Journal Register Company, which is “located in two top-ten markets, Philadelphia and Detroit” and prominent in Connecticut, Greater Cleveland and areas of New York.

He is a graduate of the University of Southern Indiana, where he earned his bachelor’s degree in communications.

After obtaining his degree, Wright worked his way up through the newspaper industry, gaining experience in nearly every facet of the business.    

Wright has served as an account executive, major account manager, sales development manager, retail advertising manager, advertising director, corporate advertising director, vice president/general manager and president/publisher.

He has worked in more than 25 markets and been involved in no less than $600 million worth of newspaper acquisitions and divestitures.

He served as vice president and general manager of The Oakland Press, under the ownership of 21st Century Newspapers, prior to the sale of the newspaper to Journal Register Company. He later returned in an expanded role, being named president and chief operating officer in October, 2007. After leading the company through a reorganization effort of some $695 million, Wright left the company in April, 2010.

But Wright’s experiences are more than a resume. He said through his time in the industry, he has learned success is measured by a single group of people.

“At the end of the day, it’s not about what I want in our newspapers and digital endeavors or even what our employees want. It’s about what the community wants,” Wright said. “The community will grade us every day with page views and newspaper subscription and advertising purchases. It’s our job to provide the content the community wants and to make sure cash registers of our advertisers are ringing.”

Wright maintains an open-door policy and encourages the community to make their voices heard. He said comments and criticism are not only welcome, but will also help community newsrooms transition from serving an audience composed primarily of newspaper consumers into a multimedia outlet that serves the community with around the clock coverage, in print and online.

“This is your community and we want to know what is important to you,” he said.

While he is deeply rooted in the communication industry, Wright’s successes don’t stop there. He has not only fought it out in board and meeting rooms, he has also fought it out in another arena. An avid sports fan, his hands-on passion for boxing and mixed martial arts has also developed over the years as a competitor, trainer and promoter.

You may contact Wright at 254-968-2379, ext. 228, or wright@amconmedia.com.