Showing how tourism and sales tax effects are connected is the message of the newest video from the Waxahachie Convention and Visitors Bureau, which talks about how travel matters and its positive effect on helping to fund emergency services.

“Texas Tourism Industry Association emailed every member ‘we need a 30-second video of why travel matters.’ So I asked Fire Chief David Hudgins if he would help me do a video on travel matters because it helps to keep our city safe,” convention and visitors bureau director Jacquelyn Helton said.

“Tourism is still in the legislators’ hands right now and they are doing a huge budget cut for Texas tourism, so they were trying to get it across how important it is and how many different aspects that it covers,” she said. “In the videos they have hotel people and restaurant people. Everyone is trying to say how much travel impacts them. I really wanted to let people know that it impacts your safety.”

When people travel they depend on that city’s emergency services if they become involved in an emergency, she said, saying these services are funded through tax dollars generated by sales tax. 

The video was filmed at the fire station and features Hudgins along with firefighters speaking to the audience. The video concludes with fire trucks leaving the station with light and sirens on.

The video was shown at the Texas Tourism Industry Association community dinner where both association members and legislators were able to view it. The video is listed on the home page of the TTIA website as part of its travel matters campaign.

Hudgins said having a visual aid helps to illustrate the importance of sales tax.

“For a state committee to think that was the top one or one of the top ones to include it first on their (web)site means a lot,” Hudgins said. “Jacquelyn went above and beyond what others did so my hat’s off to her for doing that. We were just glad to assist her and help her to make this come about.”

To view the video go to the Texas Tourism Industry Association’s website at

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