WISD director of information

Waxahachie ISD district officials are taking the lead and enacting precautionary measures when it meets Ennis in district play for upcoming athletic events.

More than two weeks ago, an instructor at Ennis High School tested positive for an active case of tuberculosis (TB).

Since that time, Ennis ISD officials have been fully cooperating with the state health department in the testing of students and staff who came into close proximity with the instructor.

What is tuberculosis or TB? TB is a disease caused by germs that are spread through the air.

Typically TB affects the lungs, but can also affect the brain, kidneys and spine. Treatment of the disease is very important and those diagnosed must get proper medical help. TB is spread through prolonged, close contact.

WISD Superintendent Thomas J. Collins has spoken personally to Ennis officials in an effort to gather and provide facts about the on-going investigation to WISD students, staff, parents and the Waxahachie community.

Collins is also in talks with Dr. James Zoretic, Regional Medical Director of the Texas Department of State Health Services and lead doctor in charge of the on-going TB investigation at Ennis High School.

From his conversations with investigators and EHS officials, Collins has been informed that all current students attending Ennis High School have either been cleared through testing or did not have close contact to the individual who was diagnosed with tuberculosis more than two weeks ago.

This clearance also includes all Ennis athletes.

Dr. Zoretic has assured Collins that at this time there is no cause for concern for upcoming athletic events.

Collins will continue to keep in close contact with Ennis officials and Dr. Zoretic.

Furthermore, Waxahachie ISD is asking that all students, staff and fans conduct themselves in a courteous and respectful manner when the district takes on Ennis at all athletic events.

When preparing for athletic events against Ennis, all Waxahachie ISD athletic coaches have been instructed to take the following precautionary measures when playing an Ennis athletic team:

Take and utilize all of our own equipment;

Take and utilize our own water sources; and,

Limit prolonged, close proximity as much as possible.

As always, the safety and health of our students will be our top priority.