More than 20 years in the video game business, Nintendo is once again at the forefront of the most demanded video game product this holiday season.

The Nintendo Wii, which debuted in November 2006, is the video game console many retail stores including Target and Hastings are expecting to be in high demand.

According to the Wiire Web site, the Nintendo “Wii,” pronounced “we,” is the name for Nintendo’s next-generation console. Nintendo followed the name with a mission statement, explaining how the name reflects the company’s desire to bring about change in the video gaming industry.

“The Nintendo Wii is the most in-demand system out there,” said a spokesman from Target electronic specialist department. “They haven’t stopped being in demand since it came out last year. Everyone is always looking to get one of them.”

With Wii, Nintendo is looking to put forth an emphasis on gameplay and innovation, rather than focusing on expensive technology.

Nintendo representatives have said the company’s goal is to expand the market by reaching out to hardcore gamers, casual gamers and even those whom do not consider themselves gamers, according to the Wiire Web site.

A spokesman for Hastings agrees that the Nintendo Wii will be the most sought-after video game console this time of the year.

Since the Friday after Thanksgiving is synonymous with bargain deals for the holiday shopping season, both stores are anticipating a large turnout from the community in pursuit of obtaining a Wii, along with several other video game products.

“I’m sure there will be a line wrapped around the building,” the Target spokesman said. “There were tons of people here last year, most looking for some video game products.”

Target and Hastings representatives said games such as Rock Band, Call of Duty 4 and Guitar Hero 3 will be at the top of many holiday shopping lists.

Rock Band debuted Nov. 20 and is similar to Guitar Hero, which has become a selling sensation. Rock Band is an interactive game that not only includes a guitar but also has a section for bass guitar, drums and a microphone.

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