Meals-on-Wheels is accepting vehicles for donation through its Wheels for Meals program.

Anyone who has an unwanted vehicle is encouraged to donate it to help feed the needy homebound elderly and disabled residents throughout Johnson and Ellis counties.

“It’s a great time of the year to donate an unwanted car and receive a tax deduction for this year,” said Amy Jackson, director of development. “Many people find it easier to donate a car and receive a deduction, rather than trying to sell it.”

Wheels for Meals is primarily an automobile donation program, but RVs, boats, golf carts and other vehicles are accepted. A person with an unwanted vehicle, no matter what the condition, can call Meals-on-Wheels to donate the vehicle. Meals-on-Wheels arranges for the vehicle to be picked up, along with the vehicle’s title and keys. In return, the donor receives a receipt for the amount the vehicle was sold for, which is tax-deductible. Monies collected from a vehicle donation are directly used to provide meals and services throughout the county.

“This program has been a great opportunity for Meals-on-Wheels in helping raise additional program funds,” Jackson said. “It is beneficial for both Meals-on-Wheels, as well as the donor. Last year, Meals-on-Wheels received 20 vehicles, raising $7,000.”

Anyone who is interested in donating a vehicle, volunteering or who knows of someone who could benefit from Meals-on-Wheels services, can call 817-558-2840, 972-351-9943 or visit online at

Meals-on-Wheels is a community-based nonprofit organization serving the residents of Johnson and Ellis counties for more than 30 years.