Boyce Whatley has filed for an unprecedented fifth term as an elected official bidding for re-election as mayor of Midlothian.

Many accomplishments can be attributed to his service to the community.

New home values have consistently increased during his tenure, making Midlothian a desired community for new families. The city’s population has increased by 163 percent since Whatley’s first term in 1999.

In addition, the tax base value has grown from $548 million to more than $2 billion, representing a 270 percent increase in value. The additional tax revenues have allowed Midlothian to expand and provide improved levels of service to its residents.

Midlothian also has the largest reserve fund of all Ellis County cities, which has helped the city avoid any tax rate increase over the past five years. The financial services firms of Moody’s and Standard and Poor’s have both recently upgraded the city’s bond ratings, qualifying the city for lower interest rates and saves local taxpayers millions of dollars over the years. Both rating agencies noted Midlothian’s strong management skills and diversified tax base as reasons for the recent upgrades.

Whatley attributes much of the Midlothian’s success to having a stable and quality staff as well as council members that share the vision of a quality place to live, work and raise our families.

“Quality of life is why many of us have made Midlothian our home, but keeping our small town feel while still meeting the needs of a growing community can be quite challenging,” Whatley said.

The mayor is particularly proud of the acquisition of open space and parkland for residents to use. Since his first term as mayor, more than 300 acres of land has been acquired, half of it donated by landowners that value its preservations for future generations.

Whatley also feels that the improved relationship with MISD has benefited the community.

“We are all taxpayers and finding ways to collaborate in order to save the taxpayers money benefits us all,” Whatley said.

“I have a deep love for Midlothian and have been humbled by the past support of the community. I look forward to serving another term if elected by our voters,” he said.

All voting will take place at the Midlothian Conference Center.