The Waxahachie Film Society will bring a little bit of Hollywood for film lovers to enjoy Thursday at the Texas Theater.

Audiences will have the opportunity to see the film “Carried Away” and to meet director Tom Huckabee and ask questions.

“The film society is trying to do something once a month to bring in a movie that was partially shot in Waxahachie. It had a couple of scenes shot at the Chisholm Grill of years ago but it never had a Waxahachie premier,” Texas Theater General Manager Tim Eaton said. “Tom has premiered this in two of the three bigger movie theaters in the metroplex and for a small town like us I think that it is great for us to get it.”

“Carried Away” tells the story of a young man (Gabriel Horn) who is pursuing his dreams in Hollywood. He returns home to Texas at Christmas to find his family in turmoil and his grandmother in a nursing home. In defiance of his father, and with grandmother’s full cooperation, he abducts her, intending to take her back with him to Los Angeles to live. His father and brothers set out after them in a cross-country pursuit that comes to a surprising conclusion in the Californian desert.

“I think that the audience will see a feel good movie and there are some poignant moments in it. One of the boys is dying of cancer and it makes you stop and appreciate your time here on earth,” Eaton said. “One of the messages from the film is that life is short so live it to the fullest and enjoy your family as much as you can.”

Since the two-day shoot in Waxahachie in February of 2009 the film has gone on to win best feature film awards at the Da Vinci Film Festival and the Oxford Film Festival in 2010.

Following the screening the of the film a question and answer session will take place with director Tom Huckabee and actors Juli Erickson (Granny) and Bryan Massey (Steve Franklin).

The event starts at 7 p.m. on Thursday, Dec. 29 and tickets are $8.

“We are showing the film on Blue-Ray with a projector that is being given to us on loan. So the image on the screen will be better than anything people have seen on the Texas Theater screen in a long time,” Eaton said. “I think that is the best part of the film society is bringing in the directors and some of the actors and learning a little bit more about the film process because we are a picture perfect city. I think that this is a great opportunity. There are only 250 seats so make sure and get there early.”

Eaton said if there is enough demand there is a possibility of a second showing of the film following the question and answer session.

The Texas Theater is located at 110 W. Main St. in downtown Waxahachie.

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