Waxahachie police officer David Bittle has been honored with a lifesaving award by the Coppell Police Department for his quick actions in saving the life of one of that agency’s officers.

Bittle was recognized for his actions during Monday’s Waxahachie City Council meeting.

“We get to do a lot of things as police officers but to me one of the most important things we get to do is when we have the chance to save a life. We are here tonight to present a very special award to a member of the Waxahachie Police Department,” Coppell Police Chief Mac Tristan said. “To give a lifesaving award does not even (give) the actual act justice. When you’re talking about saving an actual human life, it impacts an entire organization, entire families and it is quite an accomplishment.”

On June 7, Bittle was attending a motorcycle training class in Coppell with four other motorcycle officers. Prior to the start of training, Coppell motor officer John Mcardle was setting up the training course. Shortly after arriving, Mcardle collapsed and fell off of his motorcycle. Bittle, along with other officers, assessed Mcardle’s condition and found that he was not breathing and had no pulse.

“Officer Bittle, who had previous medical training, helped to open officer Mcardle’s airway, removed his body armor and uniform. He immediately began to place cold rags on and around officer Mcardle’s body. It was an extremely hot day with temperatures soaring to 99 degrees,” Tristan said. “The cooling of John’s body proved to make a significant difference that day. Officer Bittle continued to assist in cooling down officer Mcardle as other officers performed CPR until the Coppell Fire Department medic arrived and took over.”

Mcardle was transported to Baylor Regional Medical Center in Grapevine, where doctors were able to stabilize his condition. Two days, later he was released from the hospital to go home to his family.

Tristan said the attending cardiologist stated that the fast response from police officers is why Mcardle is alive.

Waxahachie Police Chief Chuck Edge said the department is proud of Bittle and glad he was there and able to provide assistance.

“Personally, it is always good when your employees, your guys, go out there and take care of the community. They train hard and they work hard. Then they get put into a position where that training and hard work pays off and you get to help folks out,” Edge said.

“A lot of times what we do, we do just because and we don’t care if we get the recognition. We were just glad that he was able to be there at that time and have the ability to help out,” he said.

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