FERRIS — Waste Management Skyline Landfill of Dallas and Ellis County is presently working with the city of Ferris relating to an expansion of the facility.

Waste Management primarily serves residential, municipal, and commercial customers in the Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex. The Skyline Landfill is a Type I municipal solid waste landfill, which accepts non-hazardous household, commercial and industrial waste, as well as construction and demolition debris. The facility was originally permitted in 1976 and was purchased by Waste Management in 1987. The landfill accepts about 4,000 tons of trash each day.

The expansion will reconfigure the north side of the landfill but will not change the current permit boundary of the facility nor increase the current height of the facility.

“The current Waste Management property is approximately 840 acres,” said Rick Losa, director of disposal operations for Waste Management. “The current waste footprint is approximately 350 acres and maximum elevation is 688 feet (above sea level) – and would never exceed 250 feet above ground level.”

Losa noted that the reconfiguration of the existing landfill would include relocating a pond and squaring off the north edge of the landfill. The project adds 4 acres, expanding the footprint from 350 acres to 354 acres.

“This reconfiguration will add 18 years to the life of the facility, which would expand it from 31 years to 49 years,” Losa said.

In 1992, Waste Management and the city of Ferris completed an agreement that provided several benefits to the city as part of the landfill operations. These included host fees to be paid by Waste Management to the city for each ton of waste accepted at the landfill, free collection and disposal of residential and commercial waste from residents and businesses within the city, the relocation of a hauling company from Dallas to Ferris , revenue sharing to the city from the production of renewable energy and the landfill, and support of a senior citizen program in the city.

As part of the proposed expansion of the landfill, the 1992 agreement will be updated. These updates will include an immediate increase to the host fee, escalation of the fee every five years as well as continued free residential and commercial collection for residents and businesses within the city limits. Additionally, previous provisions of the original agreement (such as revenue sharing from the renewable energy facility support of the senior citizen’s program within Ferris and continued operation of a hauling facility within Ferris) will also continue.

History of

the facilities

1976 – The first permit was approved by regulatory agency Trinity Valley Reclamation.

1987 – Waste Management purchased the facility from Trinity Valley Reclamation

1992 – Waste Management and city of Ferris completed a host agreement adding 400 acres.

1995 – Expansion permit was approved (591 acres)

2002 – Waste Management relocates a hauling facility to Ferris

2005 – Waste Management and the city complete an agreement for a renewable energy facility

2007 – Waste Management and the city dedicate the opening of the renewable energy facility.

2008 – Waste Management and the city begin discussing host agreement updates.

Waste Management is based out of Houston.